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Baby Peaches
I am a country girl, so I love my cowboys, MUDDIN, 4x4 Trucks, Jack Daniels, Red Stag and ice cold beer!! I love to go running in the rain or the snow. I love to go out to play and sing in the rain. I am a big fan of Italian foods, eating and cooking it! Im a big sports girl, I played lacrosse for 9 years, and I played varsity lacrosse for my High School. I was Wrestling manager for 4 years, and I love and miss my team. I played football, basketball and sometimes paintball with the guys in my neighborhood, or with my cousins. I work 40+ hours a week for Trader Joe's! The best place ever. I'm going on 4 years in February with Trader Joe's. Wow. Has it really been that long? It doesn't seem like it... I moved out of the Metro DC area in August, and am now living in Detroit, Michigan. So far so good here. Happy to be away from all the BS drama and fake people that is NoVa... Um, well I don't know what else to say at the moment. If you want to know anything else, then I guess contact me in some way...

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Thanks for your time.